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News: 20 July 2017

Immersive technology & 3D

We’ve always invested in the latest modelling technology, and this week’s Wednesday talk celebrated our accomplishments working in 3D while looking to future immersive technologies and Augmented Reality (AR) developments. HTS now offer 3D printing, Virtual Reality (VR), 4D modelling and web-based animation - enhancing the way we communicate our designs.

We are already highly skilled at modelling in 3D with great attention to detail, and we’re using this to our advantage by using 3D drawings to create 4D construction sequencing animations and 3D printed models. Virtual reality HTC VIVE headsets are bringing projects to life, and we are using these to develop designs from an early stage - offering virtual snagging and design development – all in 3D. This enhances the experience we can offer clients, as we now have the ability to take virtual tours gaining worms-eye perspectives and inspecting designs in a realistic way that would be impossible to do in real life. We’re integrating finishes and services into designs, and can even leap to surrounding buildings to catch a glimpse of our schemes in context with the city.

We are continuing to learn more about the latest software on the market and our in-house team and are now developing renders, creating photorealistic finishes and animating models.

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