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Heyne Tillett Steel enjoy the process of understanding buildings and their history. We invest energy and time in all our projects to research the existing sites and buildings we are working on. This is fundamental to understanding the project constraints and opportunities and helps to inform the design process and reduce project risks. It can also critically reduce the level of structural intervention necessary.

Initially we undertake rigorous searches to locate historic drawings and archive information which can be used to pull together an early picture of our clients’ buildings, a site's history and the potential for development. As schemes progress we commission physical investigations on site which involves uncovering a building's structure and ground conditions. This is challenging as it entails noisy, messy work in buildings that are often occupied. However, we help to manage this process to ensure the best possible information is found at the earliest possible stage. Where needed, samples of structural materials (brick, steel and concrete) are taken from within buildings to determine their basic properties and strengths.

The research and investigation undertaken allows us to maximise the potential of an existing building, justify additional floors, create new floor area and improve space.