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1058 - 2 Whitechapel Road


Mixed use development in Aldgate, East London within the Whitechapel Street Conservation area in conjunction with DSDHA Architects. This project involves the redevelopment of Cityside house, an existing five storey office building on Whitechapel Road near Aldgate East tube station. The existing building comprises six separate structures that have been constructed over different time periods between 1900s and 1950s. The separate buildings have been interconnected over the years and include a mixture of concrete or brickwork encased steel frames, load-bearing masonry walls and concrete filler joist floors. 

The proposals include a three storey steelwork extension over the full footprint of the building, requiring strengthening works to the columns and foundations. A new lift and service core will be constructed centrally and the ground floor slab will be lowered to create retail space along Whitechapel Rd and Adler Street.

Client: Architect: DSDHA Architects

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