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0527 - City Tower / Basinghall Estate


City Tower is a 21 storey, RC framed office building which was built in 1960. The design was inspired by the Seagram Building in New York and City Tower is the last surviving of five similar towers on London Wall.

Key Features  

  • Refurbishment of the existing 1960’s RC tower.
  • Gained approximately 5400sq ft of area by replacing the existing balustrade with ply and justifying the existing cladding under barrier loading.
  • Justified the stability core to work as two independent cores, which allowed the linked beams to be removed improving the entrance onto the floor plate.
  • Removed a central row of columns in the Podium to improve the appearance of the floor plate.
  • Used a strengthening detail in the car park to reuse existing load paths, negating costly foundation strengthening.
  • Designed two technically challenging staircases.
  • Analysis of the core stability to prove cutting out a number of openings.
  • Removing slabs to form double height space in reception.

Client: Great Portland EstatesArchitect: ORMS

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Mark Tillett
James Morgan