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1398 - Fetter Lane


HTS are currently working in collaboration with John Robertson Architects on the extensive refurbishment of a 1990’s office building on Fetter Lane. The scheme involves multiple structural interventions including the addition of two new floors, as well as the rearrangement of the internal layout. The existing building extends seven storeys above ground, plus a double basement. Previously, the building was used almost entirely as office space with a small bar at ground floor, the proposed works will expand the available office space and provide units at ground floor for retail space.

A new double height column-free entrance is being created as part of the works with the installation of an exposed feature truss, as well as the creation of multiple external terrace areas on the upper floors. In addition the large existing main stair is to be removed and rationalised with a more space efficient alternative. The existing concrete lift and stair cores will be extended to service the new floors and provide additional support.

Around the perimeter a series of fully glazed ‘pods’ cantilever from the Norwich Street and Fetter Lane facades.

Client: Evans RandallArchitect: John Robertson Architects

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Andy Heyne
Najib Sheeka