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1135 - Hill House


This scheme involves the refurbishment and extension of an existing 14 storey office building on a prominent site in Archway, immediately adjacent to the TfL station and the Northern Line below. Previously occupied by office use, this 1960’s concrete frame is to be re-clad and converted to residential apartments via permitted development rights. In the absence of any detailed historic drawings HTS commissioned various surveys and then back-calculated the capacity of the existing structure to confirm the viability of architectural proposals to extend the tower and plinth. We also incorporated a ‘blue-roof’ to attenuate rainwater flows in storm conditions to prevent overloading the public sewers.

One particular structural challenge was justifying structural stability over the increased height from the additional two storeys. Existing shear walls and columns had only minimal mild steel reinforcement, such that significant strengthening was required. In order to minimise any loss of area HTS developed a pioneering approach, using high-strength carbon fibres, reducing in thickness towards the top of the building, adhered to the ends of the RC shear walls. We understand this is the first time this innovative technology has been used for lateral strengthening in the UK, and potentially globally.

Works were successfully completed in late 2017.

Client: EventInv LtdArchitect: Hawkins Brown

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Andy Heyne