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0715 - Drayton Green Church


A church extension around a Grade II listed Edwardian chapel in West Ealing. The new building serves both the congregation and local community with a 200-person capacity hall and linked ancillary spaces (creche, kitchen and meeting rooms).

Key Features:

  • A folded roof of exposed CLT encloses the entrance corridor and main hall, creating up to 8m clear heights.
  • Framed in a combination of CLT, steelwork and load-bearing construction; the building was designed and delivered within the constraints of a restricted budget.
  • A feature brickwork canopy frames the entrance. The canopy soffit is finished with two brickwork cladding panels comprising brick slips mechanically fixed to a top hat rail, which is mounted onto a cement board backing. Fixings are made through the rail at brickwork centres into a structural timber substrate.
  • Demanding in terms of its complex geometry, the roof was simplified by maximising offsite manufacture as well as limiting materials and the number of individual elements. Working in Revit, a 3D model was produced to coordinate steelwork, CLT and brickwork interfaces.

Client: International Presbyterian Church EalingArchitect: Piercy & Co

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Andy Heyne
Jonathan Flint