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0959 - Mount Pleasant and Rosebery Avenue


The proposed refurbishment and extension of currently vacant existing buildings at 29 - 39 Mount Pleasant & No. 5 Rosebery Avenue to create approximately 32,500 sqft of new high quality office spaces and 3,650 sqft of high end residential flats. The site can be considered as four interconnected existing buildings, each with different form of construction that includes load bearing masonry supporting timber and concrete filler joist floors. The development will retain the majority of the existing structure and façades but with various addition of new storeys, introduction of new service cores and the addition of new mezzanine floors. The new structure will predominantly be of lightweight timber construction supported on new steel beams and steel frames. In addition to new localised spread footings, it is expected that the majority of existing foundations will be re-used and justified for the new loadings.

Client: Low Carbon Workplace PartnershipArchitect: Buckley Gray Yeoman

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Tom Steel
Dee Voaden