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1826 - Station Square, Haringey




A new 22 storey residential development near Tottenham Hale station, positioned over the LUL Victoria line tunnels and a Thames Water trunk sewer.

Key Features

  • Retail at ground with 21 storeys of mainly affordable apartments.

  • HTS initially carried out study for Kier into options to cantilever over tunnels.


    Proposed arrangement includes stiff piled raft supporting cantilevering walls up to 10 storeys high, focusing main load path into the piles. Remainder of raft bears onto gravels over the tunnels.



    HTS worked closely with geotechnical consultants CGL to obtain the necessary approvals from LUL, and to ensure the ground movement and settlements are within tolerable limits.


  • BIM level 2.



Client: Newlon Housing Trust Architect: TP Bennett

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Tom Watson