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1360 - Tintagel House


Situated between Albert Embankment and The River Thames close to MI6, Heyne Tillett Steel worked closely with Stanton Williams Architects and Universal Design Studio to design a refurbishment and extension to the existing 11 storey, 1970s RC famed building. The 2 storey extension was constructed from exposed concrete to a high standard, the existing 11th floor plant room will be converted to a high end communal space, with a new, strengthened roof terrace to provide exceptional views across the Thames.

Heyne Tillett Steel worked tirelessly to provide a Sustainable Urban Drainage solution to satisfy the Greater London Authority, Lambeth, Thames Water and the Environment Agency. Research into various products and a large attenuation scheme has been developed, in addition to harvesting rainwater within the building.

Alterations within the existing RC frame, creating new voids for services through existing slabs and shear walls, were made by strengthening the surrounding concrete. This enabled the reinforcement removed by the void to be replaced and created a simple construction method, alleviating complicated temporary works to create the voids

Client: The Office GroupArchitect: Stanton Williams, Universal Design Studio

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Andy Heyne
Kelly Harrison